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Old postcards are more and more present in everyday life either as an interesting illustration or a reminder of details from the past. Whether for nostalgic, collectors, scientific or professional reasons they enrich our everyday lives as a true image of past forgotten times.

The idea of a web page with old postcards is a result of  twenty years of collectors experience with old postcards. At first we focused on the topic of earliest Croatian postcards, then we expanded our interests and in that way learned and became interested in different specific areas, ways of printing, printers in the past, photographers from the turn of the century, art postcards, curiosities and novelties in collecting postcards from the end of the 19th century.
Meeting postcard collectors  from all over the world we developed a postcard exchange system  which we had from before in our collections.

In that way we made our coollection bigger and in time started selling our own personel collection.

To keep the quality and preservation of the old postcards and old paper material at the top level we use acid free protective foiles and albums.

Protective foiles and acid free albums are used to protect the objects from light influnce on old paper or photos, they also protect form the acid from the sweat, or changes in paper structure and picture quality that can be made by improper handling.